People are raving about the "conversion attempt" that the Alliance of American Football (AAF) is using instead of on-side kicks.

This past season, only about 8% of on-side kicks in the NFL were recovered. That was three of 34 attempts. I'm not gonna lie, when it DOES work, it's exciting. But it's a pretty groan-worthy point in the game when a team does attempt it. Because you just KNOW it's not gonna work.

And let's be honest, the biggest on-side kick in NFL history has already happened, amirite?

That being said, the AAF has a different rule for teams that want to attempt to turn the tides. And people seem to be responding positively to it.

The rule states that if a team is down by 17 or more points or trailing with 5 minutes or less left in the game, they can attempt an onside conversion following a touchdown with a 4th-and-12 play from their own 28-yard line.

It seems to me that the AAF may just make the NFL start looking at their rule book. There are a few things that they do differently that fans seem to enjoy a lot more than what Roger and his people are doing.


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