Get ready to check out a set of photos that will take you right back to your younger days.

Facebook user Shavonda Von Von X posted an album of pictures inviting others on social media to take a walk with her "down memory lane" and anyone who had the chance to experience the Northgate Mall in the 1990s will immediately feel the nostalgia rumbling.

The first thing I noticed was Aladdin's Castle. I don't even want to know how much money I wasted in that place between the location here and in the Acadiana Mall, but it was fun and the ultimate experience for any kid that was into video games.

Other notables were Kay-Bee Toys (was it just me or was that gate always half-closed?), Great American Cookies (with the old logo) and Musicland. Speaking of the Musicland store, if you zoom in you can see these large custom made replicas of the album covers of each respective artist shown.

Based on the artists shown (Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige and DJ DMD) I would guess that these photos were taken between 1997-1998 given the albums released by each respective artist at the time. Another giveaway would be the advertisement for Pooh's Grand Adventure (released in 1997) in the window.

Take a look at these pics and tell me what you remember most about this time inside the Northgate Mall. To see even more photos take a look at this story from the Advocate that was posted over the summer.

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