Let's be honest Saints fans, the season hasn't gone the way we were all expecting it to so far. The team has gotten off to a really slow start with a 2-4 record. The team has had struggles on offense in the first few weeks with not being able to run the ball and Jamies not looking great in the passing attack.

The offense has picked up the last two weeks but now the defense looks like it's beginning to struggle the past two weeks. The Saints have also had a hard time with injuries with many of their key players missing several games. It looks like tonight won't be much different from last week from an injury standpoint with guys like Lattimore, Thomas, and Landry listed as out for tonight's big Amazon Prime matchup against the Cardinals.

With all of that being said, the Saints are still very much in play-off contention as the entire NFC-South division struggles to find wins. The Saints are only one game behind the division-leading Bucs who are 3-3 at the moment. The Saints could string together a few strong performances and make a run at the division title but it has to start tonight.

The Saints know that despite all the challenges they faced this season can't be an excuse to roll over now. They have to stick together as one and continue fighting. They have to find a way to grind out these tough victories even when the odds are against them, and that is the exact message in this hype video.

This gets me fired up as a fan because it reminds me that even though we have struggled, everything we want is still right in front of us. The guys have fought all year long and are seeming to turn the corner after a tough loss to Cincinnati in the Dome. The message here is simple, we have to stick together. This is not just for the team but for the fan base as well. That's not something you have to tell The Who Day faithful as they are always ready to cheer on the black and gold.

The Saints take on the Cardinals tonight in what is a pivotal Thursday night matchup with the Arizona Cardinals on Amazon Prime. Don't have Amazon Prime but still want to watch the game? Well, here is how you can do just that.

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