This is why, besides winning, New Orleans is a prime destination for NFL players.

The Saints take care of their own players.

The organization recently handed out a $400,000 bonus to defensive end Alex Okafor, despite the fact they weren't obligated to do so.

The 27-year old Okafor needed 5 sacks in 2018 to reach his $400,000 incentive bonus, but finished the season with four, one short.

Now, you could say that the Saints gave Okafor the $400K to give them a leg up on his upcoming decision of whether or not to opt out of his contract. A five-Year NFL veteran, who has played two years with the Saints, Okafor signed a two-year deal with a player option to stay in New Orleans and has until the final day of the 2018 league year to decide on the option. Still, it's a nice move by the Saints, and one that Okafor appreciates.

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