After Jameis Winston went out with a back injury early in the season, the Saints offense relied on Andy Dalton to lead the charge. Neither quarterback has been particularly impressive, but it was always assumed that when Winston was healthy, he would retake the starting role.

Now, it seems like that's not the case.

Despite coming off of a horrendous performance against the Cardinals, in which he threw two pick-sixes on back-to-back drives, Dalton will remain the starter for the Saints.

According to numerous sources, the decision has nothing to do with Jameis' health. He's ready to go, but he won't play.

Saints fans are divided. None of them are happy with the way the season has gone so far, but this decision is splitting people up by whether they think Jameis should have another chance to lead this offense.

Some people think starting Dalton is the right call.

Others are frustrated that Jameis Winston isn't getting what they view as a fair shot to lead the team when healthy.

But an almost overwhelming majority of fans agree on one thing. This decision marks a key point in Dennis Allen's tenure as head coach. After this week's matchup with the Raiders, the Saints may have to make a tough decision about their future at head coach.

Obviously, this kind of situation is not ideal for anyone involved, but I think this comment may be one we look back on later:

When a coach loses the locker room, losses and firings always follow. This fan is obviously not an insider, but Jameis losing his job over something out of his control like injury is certainly a bad look for Dennis Allen's relationship with his players.

The Saints, lead by Andy Dalton, take the field at noon in the Superdome on Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders.

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