Herbert Jones aka Herb Jones was drafted by the Pelicans this year in the 2nd round and boy was he a steal. Herb is the player the Pelicans desperately needed. He is amazing on defense and his offense is just getting better and better. However, just as he is amazing on the court he is equally as amazing off the court.

Recently Jones gave back to the New Orleans community. Jones participated in a virtual reading time out with 50 kids from both Ridge Elementary and Live Oak Elementary. The purpose of this was to promote the importance of literacy and comprehension. But on top of that, the kids got to read with a New Orleans Pelican.

This is the type of off-the-court activity that this team, fan base, and community are so proud of. Not only is Jones a DOG on the court but he is an incredible human off the court. If you want to endear yourself to the community and show your love for the city, this is how you do it. Bravo Herb, bravo!

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