NEW ORLEANS, La. (103.3 The GOAT) - The New Orleans Saints managed to get a victory to start the season against the Tennessee Titans. The Saints didn't play their best game offensively but a win is a win. During the game backup quarterback, tight end, and all-around football player Taysom Hill managed to get a big run. Well, after that run NFL broadcaster Ross Tucker called Taysom Hill one of the best football players of all time.

Tucker compared Taysom Hill to NFL Hall of Famer Jim Thorpe. Tucker received a ton of backlash during the game on social media. Well, today Tucker doubled down on his take, and on the Dan Patrick show he stated:

"Taysom can run with speed, can run with power. He’s started games at quarterback. He is a kickoff returner. He makes tackles on the punt team and the kickoff team. He plays fullback, running back, they split him out wide. If you’re talking about all of the things a football player can do, the essence of a football player—blocking, tackling, running, catching, throwing—I can’t think of anyone else like him. He’s the closest thing to a guy like Jim Thorpe, or what we’ve read about Jim Thorpe, in my lifetime.  When you’re talking about all-around, pure football players, what you ask football players to do, I don’t know anybody that can do as many different things as Taysom Hill, which I think makes him one of the best all-around football players that I can think of.”

Instead of saying hey I was wrong, Tucker said screw that and doubled down on his take.

Social Media Reacts To Ross Tucker's Comments On Taysom Hill

Now look, I am a Saints fan, but cmon Taysom Hill isn't anywhere close to the top of anything. Hill would be lucky to be a Saints Hall of Famer. But I do appreciate his versatility and what he can do for the Saints. And the Saints will need him this upcoming Monday, on Monday Night Football against Carolina.

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