While battling ALS following his playing days, one former New Orleans Saint has become a beacon of hope and bravery for the folks of Louisiana. Now, Steve Gleason has provided a health update as he has landed in the hospital for a currently unknown issue.

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Steve Gleason once played safety for the New Orleans Saints and when the city needed him the most, he came up with the play that one could only dream of.

While Gleason's health issues have turned his dream-life as a professional athlete and taken it in a different direction, that has not slowed the Saint down.

Twitter, @SteveGleason
Twitter, @SteveGleason

Last year, Gleason shared a video with an emotional message to former Saints quarterback Drew Brees as a thank you for their friendship. Clearly, the two have a very special bond that has gone far beyond football.

In 2020, Gleason received the Congressional Gold Medal which made him the first NFL player to receive such honors. The Saints and his family were welcomed at the White House to receive the distinguished award.

Needless to say, the heroic Saint's battle with ALS has been a shimmering example of hope and bravery for so many around Louisiana and beyond.

But now, Gleason has provided an update on his health following an emergency room visit last night.

Legendary New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason Goes to E.R. for Relentless Hiccups

See the message the former Saint @SteveGleason sent out regarding his trip to the E.R. below.

According to Gleason, he had "relentless hiccups" for nearly a week. It would seemingly be Gleason's first significant hospital trip in five years. Doctors believed that it may be early signs of pneumonia.

But now, another update from Gleason brings about the news that the Saints legend seems optimistic about.

Steve Gleason Officially Admitted to Hospital after Trip to Emergency Room

Gleason seems to be in good spirits as he jokes around on Twitter, so that is a great sign. But doctors are apparently still not sure if it is pneumonia or something else that the Saint is dealing with.

Of course, his loved ones and members of the #WhoDatNation are thinking about Steve Gleason as he receives treatment. Our best wishes and a speedy recovery to Mr. Gleason.

(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

We would be remiss if we didn't include that kick that Gleason blocked for the Saints that helped resurrect the city of New Orleans. View it below or by clicking HERE.

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