The New Orleans Pelicans have recently shown a commitment to connecting the basketball team, the city of New Orleans, and Louisiana as a whole. It was announced that New Orleans rapper Rob49 would be the halftime performer of the home opener against the Jazz.

Rob49 is a very popular yet budding artist from New Orleans. So his name garners new fans among the youth of Louisiana and the south. And for Rob, it introduces him to a new audience. It's a win for both parties.

Rob49 Song (EXPLICIT)

It is awesome to see the Pelicans reach out to artists from around the area to connect with, build opportunities with, and just garner hype for the team. For example, another New Orleans rapper by the name of Curren$y has a collab with the Pelicans for fashion apparel.

Now that the team has shown an interest in doing business with local artists here are three more artists that I would love to see perform for the Pelicans or Saints halftime show.

1. Pell

Pell is a New Orleans artist who fuses Jazz, Rap and R&B to make his form of music. Now he has performed in the past but I believe Pell has evolved as an artist and his live show has only gotten better. So its time for him to return to the Blender!

2. PJ Morton

PJ Morton is the epitome of R&B, Jazz, and Soul fusion. His ability to play instruments live while still singing and putting on a good show is just art. He is New Orleans born and raised and could add the soul of the city to his performance with his knowledge of second lines and New Orleans bounce. He would be an amazing get for either team.


Now this one is unlikely just because Frank Ocean is a very peculiar artist. However it is the NBA or NFL so never say never. But he would be number one if it wasn't for the fact I don't know if he would do it. However he is one of the best musicians of my generation. Born in New Orleans went to UL. The guy has some of the best music out and his ability to sing is angellic. Frank Ocean is a unicorn that would be a sight to see in the Blender.

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