It's been an odd year, yes we all know that and it's affected all of us in some way, shape, or form and we didn't know if sports were going to be able to be played this season.

Thus far we've had a football season, it's been a bit rocky but we've made it through eight weeks of the season, and this marks about the halfway point of the season.

Despite all of the COVID-19 and the contact tracing issues that have faced the league it has been a pretty entertaining year and I wanted to give you a review of the biggest things that have stood out to me thus far. We'll do that by handing out some hardware, some metaphorical hardware that is, nobody is actually winning anything, unfortunately.

With that being said, let's hand out the metaphorical hardware.

MVP-Russell Wilson, SEA

Let Russ COOK. That's been the slogan for the year and boy has that man been cooking this season. He's played seven out of the eight weeks (one on a bye) and leads the league with 26 touchdown passes compared to just six interceptions (He had three in one game against the Cardinals). He's also passed for 2,151 yards, averaging 8.4 yards per attempt, a 72% competition percentage, and a 121 QB rating. The Seattle Seahawks defense might stink and that will actually help Wilson when it comes to obtaining the FIRST MVP votes of his career. He's my leader in the clubhouse.

LVP (Least Valuable Player)-Mitchell Trubisky, CHI

Imagine trading up for a QB out of the college football powerhouse that is UNC only to bench him for a mostly career backup during his fourth season in the NFL, that my friends are what the Chicago Bears are currently doing with Mitch Trubisky. He began the year as the starter after beating Nick Foles out before the season but just a couple of games into the year Chicago had seen enough of the inconsistent Trubisky and decided to go with the super-sub in Nick Foles. It's time to move on Mitch.


The second-year wideout has looked exceedingly special this year within that Seattle offense playing with my current NFL MVP in Russell Wilson. It also doesn't hurt that he's playing next to one of the best complementary receivers in the game in Tyler Lockett. This season, Metcalf has secured 36 catches (58 in '19), 680 yards (900 in '19), and seven touchdowns (Had seven in '19).


The Chargers seem to have so much talent year in and year out yet can't seem to string wins together, they blow leads, lose games they shouldn't, and miss big-time field goals. Sitting at 2-5 right now with their last four losses coming when they had been leading by at least 17 points at some point during the game, that's heartbreaking. In addition, all five of their losses have come by seven points or less. They have the talent to turn it around but who knows if they'll be able to finish games, it may be time for a change at head coach.


Diggs had put up good numbers during his career in Minnesota but a lot of people weren't exactly sure how he would fit along with the inaccurate Josh Allen. We've now come to find out that he's been an incredible addition for the Bills and that offense and has really opened things up for Allen as a quarterback solidifying himself as a No. 1 WR. He currently second in the league with 695 receiving yards, third in receptions with 54, and has scored three touchdowns.


I know there's a lot of hype surrounding Chargers QB Justin Herbert but that's because most people are surprised by what he's done and maybe didn't expect him to be playing. Joe Burrow was the No. 1 overall pick and he's been damn good for the Bengals this season currently sitting third in the league in total passing yards with 2,272, a 67% completion percentage, 11 touchdowns, and only five interceptions.

BEST TEAM-Kanas City Chiefs

I know the Pittsburgh Steelers are 7-0 and the Chiefs have a loss to the 4-3 Las Vegas Raiders but I'll say that's an outlier, I think this Chiefs team is the most complete team top to bottom in the NFL. They've got the stud QB in Patrick Mahomes, receiving weapons all over, a strong running back stable, and an underrated defense that can mostly cover and get after the passer a bit.

NON-QB MVP-DeAndre Hopkins, ARI

When the Houston Texans made the shocking decision to move on from their top 3 WR in the league and you found out he was going to Arizona you just knew it was going to take their offense to a whole new level. QB Kyler Murray has benefitted greatly and Hopkins has fit like a glove within that organization and Kliff Kingsbury's air-raid offense. Hopkins leads the league in receptions with 57, yards with 704, and has scored three touchdowns. This Cardinals team wouldn't be 5-2 without the contributions from D-Hop.


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