The game of football is constantly evolving. As technology advances we have seen teams utilize the advancements to the benefit of the players. Well LSU unveiled a new form of technology that has been added to their helmets.

Get this, LSU now has air-conditioned helmets. Yeah, you read that right, air-conditioned helmets. And the reaction from the players is priceless.

You can hear in the video the cameraman saying that these helmets have a 5-hour lifespan before needing a charge. That's pretty awesome because that can last the entire length of a game. Also, you heard another player say that they would be able to play forever with this feature. What will be interesting is, how many teams utilize this technology versus which teams don't and does that affect winning percentages.

This could be a great thing for the game, or it can go very badly. It will be interesting if this technology is used once the season starts.

(Editor's Note: This story was updated on Friday, Aug. 18, 2023.)

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