It's past time we address this.

Over the weekend we were stuck in traffic on Ambassador Caffery and I asked my wife to snap a few photos of the sound wall. The wall has been there for many years and it has quickly become the biggest eyesore in the city.

Not only is the wall along one of the busiest roadways in the city, it now has vines and branches growing through it.

The wall is also beginning to break apart in some spots and the sidewalk that runs parallel to it is gross. If you've seen it recently, you know exactly what I am talking about.

It is time the city address it and the only two things that I would suggest when it comes to"fixing" it is to tear it down completely or to cover it up.  I've always said that this wall looks unfinished.

Have you seen how nice some of these walls are in other cities? It looks like they belong. This wall is NOT a good representation of Lafayette and it's time to address this.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo


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