In his song "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters," Elton John sings the line, "I thank the Lord there's people out there like you."

This morning, as Coach Tony Robichaux left the studio, I thought about that line.  I told Coach Robe that his interviews are cathartic experiences after a long week of work.  Then I got to thinking:  This entire program is a giant stress relief--therapy without a doctor or the price tag.

The three hours we spend each and every week on The Au-Zone is like a rejuvenating natural spring.  It's not exactly a fountain of youth, but you get the gist.

To those of you who spend any or all of your mornings with me on The Au-Zone, I thank you.  Your comments, calls, and kind words make the weekend just a little sweeter.

I thank the Lord there's people out there like you.


Coach Robichaux says despite the loss at Louisiana Tech, he was impressed with his team's performance in the extra-inning affair.

"We played better at Tech than we played last Sunday against St. Peter's," Coach Robe said.  "It's just that we were allowed to win. In the game of baseball, you have to watch (yourself). You can't let (losses) get you into a tailspin."

"It's not about the game you lose, it's about how you respond after the game you lose.  What I'm proud of is our players have not lost back-to-back games this year.  They've always responded."

The Cajuns responded to the Louisiana Tech loss in a big way Friday night, beating Applachian State 3-0 to open Sun Belt Conference play.


Robeism of the Day: "In baseball, you fail your way to the top."


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