Seattle Mariner legend Randy Johnson was always known for his amazing fastball and slider. Well, Johnson has found a second life in his new passion. You can now find Johnson on the sidelines on Sundays as a photographer taking pictures of NFL games.

Johnson has an entire gallery of photos he has taken of many different events, wildlife, and places he's been to. Funny enough the logo he uses for his website is a rendition of his famous pitch where he struck the flying bird.

However, Johnson did have some prior experience in photography. Johnson always had a love for photography as he was taking pictures all the way back in his college days.

We as fans always ask the question of what players do when they hang it up. We've seen players go to the worlds of movies and tv. We even see them become entrepreneurs. But to see Randy Johnson pick up photography a passion he had in college and turn it into a second career is beautiful.

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