While all of us know Steve Gleason most for his enormous blocked punt in the return of football to the city of New Orleans, he's evolved his life into much more than just a Saints hero.

Steve and his family have started the Team Gleason Foundation advocating for ALS awareness and much, much more.

He appeared recently in a podcast, in fact, his very first podcast ever with Kimberly Culp on 'All The Wiser Podcast'

In this podcast, Steve gets into many things including:

-His journey dealing with ALS as the years have gone on

-His relationship with his family, his wife Michelle and their two beautiful children

-How to live a meaningful life with ALS

-Why he believes technology saved his life

-What he misses most that ALS has taken away

-A special trip to space and how they're changing the future of ALS with virtual reality and artificial intelligence

Take a listen:


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