Love is not in the air. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce put himself out there recently and got rejected. While Taylor Swift was performing in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce attempted to give Taylor Swift his number; however, the superstar was rejected.

You have to give Kelce credit because he went on his podcast "New Heights" and explained how he got rejected. The amount of security that you have to have in yourself to be that popular and tell a story that puts you in a bad light shows how secure Kelce is in himself.

Even though Kelce got rejected I do believe he will benefit from this. Women everywhere already thought Kelce is a very attractive man. I saw this first hand for myself in Las Vegas when I met Travis Kelce when multiple women ran up and pushed me aside to chat and get his attention. But with this rejection and how he attempted to get Swift's number with friendship bracelets will make women across the world feel sorry for him thus making him a sympathetic figure. And once that happens women across the world will want Kelce's number.

With training camp underway we are not far from opening day. What will be interesting is what if Taylor Swift performs at the halftime show of the Super Bowl and the Chiefs are playing. That way Swift and Kelce will be in the same building. That will be something I'm looking out for.

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