West Virginia Head Basketball Coach Bob Huggins is in trouble. Again.

Friday night at approximately at 8:30P in Pittsburgh, Huggins was reportedly arrested for DUI.

From the arresting officer’s report 

Pittsburgh Police observed "a black SUV" sitting in "the middle of the road, blocking traffic. The driver's side door was open and the vehicle had a flat and shredded tire." After advising the driver to pull over to the side of the road, officers "observed him having difficult maneuvering the SUV" and began the process of a field sobriety test, "which he failed."

Back in May Huggins got in hot water during a radio interview when he used a homophobic slur.  Not once, but twice. Following that incident Huggins received the following punishment.

This is not the first time Huggins has had drinking and driving issues. has caused an issue. In 2004, he pleaded no contest to the charge after being arrested for DUI. And that’s when the ball started rolling to the end of his career as the Cincinnati Bearcats Head Coach.

Reaction was Huggins career may be coming to an end.

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