WHO DAT SAID THEY GONE BEAT THEM, SAINTS? Winning is so great let's make it EIGHT, eight straight wins for New Orleans as they defeated the Denver Broncos for the first time since 1994.

Each week of this season we'll be following the emotions and taking the temperature of Who Dat Nation and making you a parody video to convey the emotional roller coaster.

I know you might have been a little bit nervous after the first quarter when the Saints didn't look much better than the Kendall Hinton led Denver Broncos but then they turned it on.

The defense shined once again for the Who Dats but this one wasn't a surprise as they were going against an undrafted, practice squad WR who found out he'd be starting at QB the day before the game. You've gotta give a lot of credit to Hinton for going out there and competing but it was really never a contest as they couldn't get the passing game going or their make-shift wild cat.

However, Taysom Hill struggled to throw the football and has not gotten the ball to the Saints best play-maker in the form of Alvin Kamara... The running game was working well though as Latavius Murray got lubricated up and ran wild on the Broncos defense.

As always, mask up kids and enjoy the latest emotions our Saints fan is bringing to the table this week.


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