Adam Schefter is well known as the NFL's most trusted source when it comes to any and all things related to the NFL. For years, he has made his living reporting the biggest breaking news in the league but always kept a very professional profile. Recently, Schefter has become a more prominent face on camera as an analyst. He has become a staple of the Monday Night Football crew.

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The MNF crew is known for the long-time beloved segment known as "C'MON MAN". In this segment, the crew takes the funniest clips they see from a full Sunday slate and gives their commentary on the matter. Last night, the segment featured a viral clip of Vikings quarterback, Kirk Cousins. Cousins is seen celebrating on the plane after a big win with fellow wide receiver, Justin Jefferson's Chains. Cousins can be seen dancing with his shirt off, here is the iconic clip.

Outside of the normal commentary, the MNF crew decided to take it a step further with this addition of "C'MON MAN". Adam Schefter decide that he was going to do his best imitation of the viral clip and it is hilarious. Adam Schefter pulled out all the stops with the chains and dance moves. Here is Schefter giving his best "you like that" impersonation.


He absolutely nailed it! I love when normally serious professional people let their fun side come out for everyone to see. I will say, Schefter might want to consider trimming his chest hair before taking his shirt off in front of Robert Griffen III again. What do you think about Adam Schefter's impersonation?

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