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On day one of the 2020 NFL Draft on Thursday, I pondered the question, who would be the one team to screw things up?

Would it be the Las Vegas Raiders with Jon Gruden and Mke Mayock picking a QB too high? After having just signed Marcus Mariota and already having Derek Carr, although I think they did pick the wrong CB that's neither here nor there.

Maybe it would be the New York Football Giants taking a wide receiver when they clearly needed to upgrade the offensive line or add playmakers on defense, they took OT Andrew Thomas out of Georgia, good pick.

As the draft wore on Thursday night after the Saints had stayed put and took Cesar Ruiz the OL out of Michigan, a trade was announced.

The Green Bay Packers have traded up with the Miami Dolphins for the number 26 overall pick (up from their original spot at 30).

In my head, I'm giddy like a school girl thinking, "Wow, I like the aggressiveness, they've got to be trading up to get LSU linebacker Patrick Queen after the Saints failed to grab him."

Unfortunately, I was wrong and the pick was QB out of Utah State Jordan Love... A guy who pff compared to Deshone Kizer and I had heard nothing but mostly negative reviews on all week from the likes of Anthony Treash of Pro Football Focus who had these two little telling nuggets on Twitter regarding Mr. Love:

Now, I didn't watch a whole lot of Utah State games over the last two seasons but from everything that I've heard and read about this guy is that he's a wild-card. Basically he's consistently inconsistent, his footwork isn't good, his decision-making needs to improve, and so does his accuracy.

In 2018 he was excellent, completed 64% of his passes, threw for 32 TDs, only 6 INTs, and amassed 3,567 yards.

In 2019 however, he was much less effective completing 62% of his passes with 20 TDs, his INTs ballooned to 17 but he still threw for 3,402 yards.

In addition, with the Packers trading up for this pick they jumped four teams who didn't need to be taking a QB in MIA, SEA, BAL, and TEN. They traded up four spots and gave up a fourth-round pick to MIA when I believe Love would have been there at 30 anyway. Atrocious.

The Green Bay Packers went 13-3 in 2019, this is a team built to WIN NOW and they haven't selected a skill position player in the first-round since 2005 (Aaron Rodgers).

The needs for this team seem to be staring head coach Matt LaFleur and general manager, Brian Gutenkust right in the face, and they just looked the other way.

They basically said to Aaron Rodgers, we know you need more weapons but instead, we're gonna draft, who we hope is your replacement.

Gutenkust had this to say Thursday night regarding the pick of Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers on a conference call with the media according to Mike Spofford of packers.com:

"Aaron's been around a long time and knows what we're playing for right now," He would go onto say, "I think he'll be a pro's pro. He's playing for legacy-type things, historic-type stuff. I know he's very, very motivated."

As far as the pick of Love, this wasn't the original plan apparently:

"This was not something we set out to do," Gutekunst said. "He just happened to be a guy we liked who fell to us, and this was the best decision."

Now, as far as receivers go, It's Davante Adams and a bunch of "dudes" and at linebacker, who I wanted them to take with Queen available, they've got an oft-injured Christian Kirksey and Oren Burks with no depth. Nobody is writing home about either of those guys.

It disgusts me the amount of disrespect this organization shows Aaron Rodgers, a guy who is desperate to get back to and win another Super Bowl. They did well by building up the defense through free agency and the draft last season and this season was supposed to be about weapons for Rodgers.

So far, they've brought in Devin Funchess coming off of an injury and that's it.

As it stands, Green Bay has two picks on day two, and if they don't use at least one if not both on a wide receiver this cheesehead is going to be even more upset.

However, through it all Aaron Rodgers will be Aaron Rodgers, the confident, baaaaaddddd man that he is as ESPN NFL analyst Field Yates put out on Twitter:

All in all, I believe this pick can be summed up in one simple sentence. This pick was worse than Matt LaFleur's backdrop in his war room set up on Thursday night when it looked like he had strips of Green Bay Packers wrapping paper hung from the ceiling behind him. Just terrible.


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