There are a few things as an NFL quarterback that you just have to learn to accept.

You can't win every game.

You will have off days.

And just as much as you are expected to give your team credit when things are going well, you'll be expected to take accountability when things go poorly.

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Especially if you play terribly in a game where your defense is single-handedly keeping you in it.

Zach Wilson still needs to learn this lesson evidently. When asked if he had let his defense down, this was his answer.

By the way, Wilson was 9/22 for 77 yards. He was sacked 4 times for 33 yards. Which means that the average yardage gained when Wilson dropped back to pass was less than 2 yards.

So to come out after a game like that and pretend like your play didn't change the outcome, particularly considering your defense held your opponent to 3 points until the final seconds, is just insane behavior.

And it clearly is not sitting well with his teammates.

A great example for Zach to look to in this instance is Bills quarterback Josh Allen. After starting off at an MVP pace, Allen put up a disappointing performance just last week against Wilson himself and the Jets.

He took accountability, even saying "'s hard to win when your quarterback plays like sh*t."

Allen said that in a game where he managed twice as many completions and three times as many yards as Wilson did this week (although he did throw two picks, Wilson didn't throw any).

Zach could even look to another quarterback from his own draft class, here's a comparison between his response and Trevor Lawrence's from a game earlier this season.

Players and fans aren't the only ones dogpiling on Wilson at the moment, either. Plenty of analysts and commentators are taking their shots at the young, undisciplined quarterback.

Rex Ryan, former Jets head coach had some strong words for the BYU grad this morning on Get Up.

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky called Wilson's comments "pathetic" on the same program.

And another former QB, RGIII tweeted this prophetic take this morning.

Only time will tell if Wilson's play (and attitude) can improve, but for now he seems to have a lot of doubters.

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