Pardon the middle-school mirror picture, but do you see those guns Shaq is sculpting again?

In case you missed it, Shaq is preparing for an appearance in Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando on April 2nd. Not only will WWE fans get to see Shaq in the ring, he will be facing one of the legends.

Anybody who watched wrestling in the '90s and early 2000's knew "The Big Show," and he's stepping in the ring to throw down with Shaq. Interested? I thought so.

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These two have a little history too. Shaq wrestled The Big Show back in 2009, and they recently gave a man a double choke-slam while sharing an intense stare down.

Seeing two men that large combine forces for a choke slam is a thing of pure beauty wrestling beauty.

If the fight is anything like the lead up, this fight should be epic. McMahon always pulls out the big guns for Wrestlemania, and it doesn't get much larger than life than Shaq vs The Big Show.

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