Shaq made a name for himself on the court as the most dominant big man in NBA history, but his career and life after the NBA have given him just as much fame and attention as he had in his playing days. The former LSU standout has become one of America’s most beloved TV analysts on TNT’s post and pregame show. He has also picked up popularity as a DJ and seems to always be trending for some new funny videos on social media. Well, Shaq is trending once more but it’s for a completely different reason than you might assume, and it has to do with Home Depot Girl?

For Context, Ariana Josephine is a young college student who has taken the internet by storm over the last week with just a simple photo. Ariana posted a selfie of herself in her Home Depot uniform with just a simple caption.

The photo unexpectedly blew up on Twitter with what began as a bunch of men trying to flirt with her. The comments began to turn into memes about a “pretty girl” working a “normal job”. Some comments even became suggestive that Ariana should start an Only Fans account.

Ariana took many of the comments with a grain of salt as she brushed off most of them, but she didn’t like that people were suggesting she should do Only Fans just because she is an attractive woman. Ariana took Twitter to clearly state that she was not interested in that line of work at all, and of course, it gained a lot of attention from Only Fans content creators.

There is your background info on why “Home Depot Girl” is viral but what does this have to do with Shaq? Well, Shaq saw the viral photo as well as a lot of the negative comments she had received and decided to give her a little encouragement. Ariana posted the messages to Twitter where it seemed like Shaq was “shooting his shot” or getting flirtatious.

As you can imagine, the messages took off on Twitter the Shaq memes and comments began flowing in. Shaq wasn’t going to let Twitter talk without anything to say, so he responded to one Twitter user.


The situation continues to soar on Twitter and the non-stop memes and comments have been entertaining, to say the least. What do you think, was Shaq trying to uplift someone or was he making his move?

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