The "other" game that came with the purchase of a NES in the 80's that wasn't Super Mario Bros. has a secret that you probably didn't know anything about.

Many people lost their minds, from regular Seth Rogen Twitter followers, to some of his Hollywood friends, when he revealed a feature within Duck Hunt.

You probably remember Duck Hunt, the game you used the cool looking Nintendo gun for. Where there were three different levels to play on. The first had one duck flying out of the brush to fire at. The second had two ducks flying around. The third had the player shooting at clay pigeons.

Within the first level, Seth Rogen let the world know that the second controller actually controlled the duck!

According to Rogen, he and his sister accidentally found this out when he sat on the controller and the duck kept flying into the right corner.

Here are some exchanges between he and his Hollywood friends (some of which are NSFW due to language).


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