In every sport, there is always that one guy on the team who is the "motivational" speaker. Someone who doesn't mind standing in front of the team before games and giving the team a speech to hype them up or rather get them ready for the game. Usually, the hype man is a leader on the team. For example for the Saints it used to be Drew Brees, now the hype man is Demario Davis.

Not every team can have a motivational leader like Demario Davis. Some teams have guys who may not have as much heart or who aren't as loud as Davis but they still make it work. Well, the Jacksonville Jaguars have none of those options. The Jaguars have the worst hype man/motivational leader in the NFL this year and maybe ever. Trevor Lawrence filled said position for the Jaguars and his first speech before week one's game was released and it was horrible.

First things first, the social media team knows darn well that Lawrence is not "talking that talk". Now I understand why the Jaguars came out so flat. Their quarterback gave them the worst hype speech of all time.

I know that on everyone's first listen you couldn't even understand what Lawrence was saying because he was so quiet. And on the walk up all we heard was just straight silence. That wouldn't even get my 80-year-old grandmother out of bed. The final issue I have is what he chose to say to hype up his team. He stated "First chance to go out and show them what we are about. Let's go, play with some swag, and have fun". How does that motivate anyone to run through a wall for you? And you know what, the score at halftime reflects this piss-poor speech.

The Jaguars only scored 3 points in the first half. They came out lethargic and just out of sync. I bet you that either the coach or a veteran leader of the team gave them an earful at the half and that's why they came out and scored 9 and 10 points respectively in each quarter. When social media saw this video though they had a field day making fun of the Jaguars and Lawrence.

Social Media's Reaction To Trevor Lawrence's Pregame Speech

This is something I don't think you can fix. You either have that 'It' factor or you don't and it seems Lawrence doesn't have it. And that's okay because he can still be a great quarterback. What needs to happen is the Jaguars need to pick a different pregame speaker and just let Lawrence focus on football. Maybe if that happens we might see the Jaguars go from god-awful to halfway decent.

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