Yesterday the NFL found itself on the wrong side of media coverage when a video posted online went viral of a referee committing what appeared to be the cardinal sin of officiating.

Following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, officials were seen chasing down Pro Bowl wide receiver Mike Evans in what appeared to be an autograph request.

The only thing all NFL fans agree on is the league's officiating problem.

Too many games are determined by a critical mistake from the referee crew.

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Another thing that will perpetually irk football fans is the lack of accountability from the league to its officials.

It's one thing if it's officiating little league, prep, or beer league.

But when it's a billion-dollar empire like the NFL, accountability should be in place. It's not. It never has been.

Roger Goodell to officials
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As it pertains to this latest incident, the NFL released a statement today claiming they referees weren't seeking an autograph, only Evans' phone number so they could give it to a golf pro.

If they were hoping this would ease any skepticism from some of its fanbase, they were wrong.

Surprise. No discipline.

The reality is, the NFL's story is probably true in this matter, but the league has such a bad officiating problem that most people won't believe them.

Not to mention the league has a history of covering up potential scandals, so there's that too.

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