This is so bad.

Watch a high school football referee moves the ball closer to the sticks to give one team the first down.

You can clearly see that the ball was not close to the sticks, thus not giving a team the first down, but the referee moves the ball closer so that he can reward the team with a new set of downs.

The opposing players, who are standing right there, react in disgust after they witness this official move the ball in favor of their opponent.

Kevin Minnick
Kevin Minnick

This bot of cheating, and that's what it is, was caught on camera from the New Jersey area, and you can see it below.

Now that this video has gone viral, do you think that the referee will be reprimanded by his superiors? I most certainly think that he will be and he should probably even be removed from officiating any future games this year.

Check this out.

Here are some of the reactions on social media that caught my attention after this video surfaced.


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