This will certainly bring a tear to your eye.

Our friend from Lafayette, Camden, is back in the hospital battling his second round of cancer, but he is not alone.

Cam is currently receiving treatment at Children's Hospital in New Orleans, which oversees the baseball field appropriately named "Miracle Field".

Well, recently while Cam was watching a high school baseball game, the Isadore Newman High team took the time to waive at Camden while he was sitting in his hospital room.

In the background, you can hear Cam's father explaining what was happening. He is letting his son know that he is not in this battle alone, many are in his corner.

Look, I love sports and this is just one of the many reasons why I do. What this baseball team did for this young boy from Lafayette was a win-win for all.

Not only will Camden remember this forever, but so too will the young men who showed their support for Cam.

I want Cam and his family to know that we support him and that we can't wait to welcome him back to the radio station. You got this and we're in you're corner.

Kick cancer's butt again, Cam!


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