The NCAA Men's College Basketball Selection Committee today released their top 16 seeds for the NCAA Basketball of today.

There are still many games to be played, and there's a very good chance this could change.  But it's something to keep in mind as we get closer to March Madness.


1.  Villanova (Overall #1 seed)

2.  Louisville

3.  Kentucky

4.  UCLA



1.  Baylor (Overall #3 seed)

2.  North Carolina

3.  Florida

4.  Butler



1. Kansas (Overall #2 seed)

2.  Florida State

3.  Arizona

4.  Duke



1. Gonzaga (Overall #4 seed)

2.  Oregon

3.  Virginia

4.  West Virginia

There are five ACC teams among the Top 16.  And, interestingly, no teams from the BIg 10 conference were included in the Top 16.

Creighton, WIsconsin, Purdue and Cincinnati were considered as well.

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