You watch football on Sunday's, right? Of course, you do. So, you've definitely seen the recent State Farm commercials where Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a State Farm agent and a "sports agent" like this one:

That one is by far my favorite, which is yours?

You may be wondering who the State Farm agent is in these commercials, well if you're from the Acadiana area you might know him from his days of playing tennis at UL or his time spent as a sportscaster for Channel 3 KATC.

His name is Patrick Minnis and he actually is a REAL STATE FARM AGENT! He works in Arizona and is now much more well known because of these hilarious commercials with Rodgers.

I got a chance to chat with him on the air on Friday about his days in Acadiana covering sports, how he got the job as THE State Farm agent all agents would love to be (Bears fans excluded), his time spent with Rodgers, and more. Check it out here:


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