The College World Series gets underway in Omaha Nebraska today with eight teams set to battle out for the national championship. While the competition on the field is stacked, the most competitive game might be taking place off the field. The annual Jello shot challenge at Rocco’s bar pits the eight fan bases against each other for a week to see who can drink the most Jello shots.

We all know when it comes to drinking games, folks from Louisiana don’t mess around. LSU fans got off to an early start as they came out of the gates firing on Thursday as they quickly jumped out to a huge lead. The Tigers wasted no time at all growing that lead as they quickly jumped into the thousands just two days into the challenge.

The Challenge generates a lot of buzz every year, but this year is on another level. Fans from across the nation are in awe of the numbers that LSU fans are putting up. The challenge is so popular that it even gained the attention of the SEC Network.

LSU built themselves a fairly comfortable lead as the next highest amount was off by a couple of thousand shots. As of Sunday night, the Tigers broke the 10,000 shot mark and show no signs of slowing down. Tiger fans aren’t just satisfied with securing first place, they are going for the record. Ole Miss currently holds the record with 18,777 total shots, but the Tigers were more than halfway to breaking the record in the latest update.

The Tigers are back in action tonight as they take on Wake Forest in the winner’s bracket at 7 PM. LSU fans will be out in full force and look to close in on that record. With the pace of the Tigers, we could see a new record in the 20,000-plus range. Will LSU break the shot record tonight?

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