Lil'Jordan is set to make a big splash in NOLA.

The New Orleans Saints were busy after the 2019 NFL Draft, picking up 13 new undrafted free agents and signing them to contracts with the team. These guys will be given a shot to battle for a spot on the final roster and if history repeats itself, it's very likely that we will see some undrafted free agents make the team over players who were actually taken in the draft.

As a matter of fact, these 13 undrafted free agents join a Saints team that boasts 11 current undrafted free agents on the roster and has a team Hall of Fame with names like Pierre Thomas and Lance Moore—yep, both undrafted free agents.

Before the emergence of Michael Thomas, it could be argued that Marques Colston was the greatest receiver to put on a Saints uniform and all throughout his successful 10-year career he was considered a steal being that he was 3 picks away from being Mr. Irrelevant in the 2006 draft.

In short, the Saints have a knack for finding these diamonds in the rough and developing players that no one else wanted into superstars. The next gem could be a running back turned receiver from Texas by the name of Lil'Jordan Humphrey (yes, that's his REAL name).

Lil'Jordan was a stud for the Longhorns last season and declared for the draft after his junior year. Unfortunately, his 40 time (4.7) at the combine and his Pro Day is what most likely caused his stock to drop. If I had to guess, the Saints saw a few useful things in Lil'Jordan that other teams may have overlooked:

  • His ability to box pass defenders out and use his 6'4" frame while going up to get the ball
  • His experience running the Wildcat and using his running back skills (Taysom Hill, anyone?)
  • His ability to play as a faster tight end or out of the slot to can cause mismatches

As a matter of fact, this is what analyst Lance Zierlein had to say about him.

Long, possession target with outstanding ball skills and the ability to mismatch defenders from the slot with size. Johnson ran slowly at both the combine and his pro day and will need to learn to play faster and play more physically to make up for his athletic deficiencies. His ability to box out defenders and win contested catches are play traits that can lead to an NFL future, but his draft stock has taken a hit and he needs to bulk up and re-brand as a matchup tight end or big slot

Another Saints UDFA to watch is Chase Hansen, a linebacker out of Utah that is said to be one of the biggest snubs in the 2019 NFL Draft.

We'll be keeping an eye on Lil'Jordan, Chase, and all of the new players on the Saints squad. Can't wait to see who emerges!

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