This week has been huge in the world of music discourse as many have been asking the question who is the better artist, Taylor Swift or Beyonce? Well one legendary NFL coach has made his alliances known.

The Patriots' legendary coach Bill Belichick is a Swifty or at least he may be. He was thoroughly impressed with Swift's performance after he saw her perform through the rain and bad weather.

During the Taylor Swift concert, it started to pour down with heavy rain, and Swift performed through it in all her different attires and heels. And this performance impressed the hell of Belichick. He went on to praise her toughness.

Belichick is so old that he thought being a Swifty had something to do with a sweatshirt. However, he did list his favorite song being "You Gotta Calm Down". It's funny because someone will have to tell him that a lot throughout the upcoming NFL season, as the Patriots will be bad. The Patriots will begin their season on September 10th against the Eagles.

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