There's not much to talk about from Tuesday night's Texas Bowl between LSU and Kansas State. The Wildcats dominated the game from start to finish, but some of the best content from the final bowl game before the national championship came off the field.

First, a Kansas State fan brought a sign to the game that should be recognizable to any fan that has followed LSU's new head coach Brian Kelly and his introduction to Baton Rouge.

The perfect signs are the simplest ones, aren't they? For those who don't understand the sign, it's in reference to Kelly's fake southern accent when he first addressed LSU fans in the PMAC at the halftime of a basketball game.

The internet had a field day with this, considering Kelly is from Everett, Massachusetts and has spent the last 17 years of his head coaching career at Central Michigan, Cincinnati, and Notre Dame. That video may be from over a month ago, but Kansas State fans sure haven't forgotten.

Kelly actually addressed the fake accent when he was invited into the broadcasting booth. You can check out his response to that and his goofy dancing video here.

Another Kansas State fan took the opportunity to dunk on the SEC for going 5-7 in bowl games before the national championship game. I'd say he tried his best here.

As for LSU fans last night, the Texas Bowl broadcasting team caught a picture of a tiger mascot head sitting in an empty seat late in the game. I think it sums up the 42-20 loss pretty well.

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