Professional sports franchises at the highest levels are worth billions.

The Dallas Cowboys of the NFL are reportedly the most valuable sports team on the planet with a worth of $7.64 billion.

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Despite having a net worth of $12.4 billion, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones still hasn't learned the meaning of one particular phrase.

And that phrase is "glory hole".

Jerry Jones
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(If you're like Jerry and don't know what it means, I'm not going to explain it to you.)

First, let's go back to Dallas training camp in 2012 when Jones first used the phrase in a public forum, saying, "I want me some glory hole."

While the press who witnessed Jones say, "I want me some glory hole" chuckled, apparently no one told Jerry what a "glory hole" actually is.

All I can think of is the scene in The Princess Bride when Inigo Montoya keeps hearing Vizzini say the word, "inconceivable", and finally tells him he may not understand the word he's using.

The difference is Vizzini did understand "inconceivable", he just used it too much.

What's inconceivable is that over a decade after saying 'I want me some glory hole", a 79-year-old NFL owner still doesn't know what "glory hole" is.

Appearing on ESPN's First Take this week, Jones did it again.

"I can't tell you how many times in my life when I've had it handed to me in a lot of different ways, but I want back to work, got up on Monday morning, and there it was...glory hole. Right in the middle of it." - Jerry Jones

Read that line again.

Twitter had a field day with it.

Apparently not.

Someone should tell Jerry. But no one will.

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