If you live in the Lafayette, Louisiana area, you've got some opportunities to "Go big or go home."

And if you have a lot of money, you can do both.

I saw a Facebook ad recently for a new luxurious home that just hit the market here in Lafayette. I got to thumbing through the pictures on the MLS listing and dreamed like a lot of you.

It's fun to imagine what it feels like to be that top percentage of folks who can actually afford a house over a million bucks.

Let's fantasize together, shall we? I've rounded up what I believe to be the most expensive homes for sale right now in the Acadiana area.


As you'll see in the list below, these pads range from just under $5 million to some about $2 million.

If you click on each home, it will take you to the Realtor.com listing of the property so you can do it justice and see all the pictures and details of the home. Oftentimes, the front of the home doesn't tell enough of the story.

Along those same lines, you'll see a couple of these homes aren't as extravagant or as large but the overall property cost is due to the amount of land it sits on.

Now, let's all drift off and dream together.

10 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Acadiana

The real estate market continues to sizzle in south Louisiana. Most of us have to shop within our means when we're doing our home hunting. But let's dream a little and see what's offered for the upper echelon in the Lafayette, Louisiana area. (To see each home's complete listing, click on the address.)