Does New Orleans receiver Brandin Cooks seem a little frustrated with his role in the Saints' offense?

Cooks took to Instagram this week, and posted; “I guess I have to turn into a businessman.”


A first-round draft choice by the Saints in 2014 out of Oregon, was not targeted in the Saints' 49-21 win over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

Chances are, this is nothing however. A little frustration, nothing more, and will likely be ancient history, soon.

After all, it's not like Cooks isn't getting the ball. He has compiled 51 catches for 736 yards and six touchdowns, which ranks second in all three categories on the team.

It is interesting though, and kind of puzzling, that every other Saints' receiver was targeted on Sunday, with the exception of Cooks.

Hard to believe, but Tommylee Lewis was targeted twice, and he barely played, while Brandon Coleman was targeted once.

The 23-year old Cooks, however, who is considered the team's #1 receiver, was not targeted at all.

Cooks is signed through 2017, with the team option for 2018.

All will be forgotten, quickly, if Cooks puts up big numbers on Sunday against the Lions.

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