On Tuesday morning’s installment of ‘Today,’ Linda Hogan offered details on her alleged abuse by ex-husband Hulk Hogan. In her new book, ‘Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes,’ Linda described violent fights where the pro wrestler threw chairs, tore shirts and even choked her.

Linda said that her ex-husband never showed any regret for his behavior. “He did not feel remorse and, to this day, he’s never apologized for any of his actions,” she said. “That is something that scared me. I did not want to be a statistic like Nicole Simpson.”

And yet, Linda never reported her ex-husband to authorities out of fear of derailing his wrestling career. “I was quiet. I was afraid to say anything,” she said. “Had I said something, the carpet would have been pulled up underneath his career. I don’t know what my kids would have done. They were little at the time.”


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