A hockey fan was banned from attending games at his local arena and, I must say, it is for a great reason.

It happened in Colorado at Ball Arena back in January when a Colorado Avalanche fan thought he'd give his late friend an interesting farewell.

The timing for this one wasn't great as, now that the Avalanche are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals, he could very well miss seeing them win the championship in person.

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According to Fox News, Ryan Clark, an Avs fan, decided to give his friend a farewell that he thought was appropriate: spreading his ashes on the ice in Ball Arena, the Avs' home ice.

Clark's friend, Kyle Stark, was an avid Colorado Avalanche fan and, as the story reads, Stark died in December, unexpectedly.

The Colorado Channel says that Stark and Clark had been best friends for the better part of a decade, attending many of the Avalanche games together.

When Stark died, Clark thought that it would be only fitting to have his friend find his final resting place in a building he loved to be in.

At a game on January 8, 2021, right after Stark's funeral, Clark was asked to attend an Avalanche game by Stark's parents. That's when Clark got the idea.

He asked Stark's parents if he could spread some of their son's ashes on the ice, as he thought that Stark would have loved the idea. We are assuming that the parents agreed.

Clark tells the news station that he had some of Kyle's remains in a little baggie and, right before the game, he went up to the boards and tossed the ashes onto the ice.

In an interview with Denver 7, Clark admits that it wasn't the brightest of ideas, but that he has no regrets. Even after receiving word from the Colorado Avalanche that he was banned from the arena for the remainder of the season, Clark says that he'd do it again, knowing his best friend would love the gesture.

What happened to the ashes after they were tossed on the ice?

Well, if you have ever seen a Zamboni do its thing, you'll know that the ashes became part of the ice, as the Zamboni passed right over them.

Clark tells Denver 7 that he would do it all over again, and he wishes that his friend was still with us.

"I just love him very much. I miss him very much," Clark said. "I wish we were doing a different kind of interview. I wish we were those fans that were coming out of the arena." - Ryan Clark via Denver 7.


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