Either high school athletes are getting better, or the force of gravity is weakening over time.

Zion Williamson is a 16-year old phenom from Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina. He's 6'7" and 230 pounds with an unbelievable vertical, and he's already setting the internet on fire.

His most recent superhuman feat is reminiscent of LeBron James, the king of chase-down blocks from behind. No fast break is safe when Zion is on the court...

Go ahead, watch it again. It never gets any less ridiculous. How do you even get your shoulders even with the rim?

It's no surprise that Williamson is a top five recruit in the country. He's built like a full grown man and he's not even close to done growing.

The internet started to notice him when his dunks surfaced on social media. He throws down dunks in the middle of games that most NBA players would dream of doing at practice.

On top of his dunks and blocks, Williamson is developing other post moves and essential basketball skills. He won't be able to dunk all over everybody at the college level like he did in high school, so the more he learns how to do before graduating in 2018, the better.

The biggest programs in college basketball are trying to lure him to campus, including Duke, UNC, Kansas, UConn, Georgetown and basically every other team that competes for championships.

Remember his name. He could be the next monster of college basketball in 2018.  

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