He's seen enough.

Brian Mitchell, the former UL Ragin Cajun great, went off on his former team, the Washington Football Team after the Dallas Cowboys embarrassed them on Sunday Night Football.

The Dallas Cowboys defeated Washington 54-14, but Mitchell had issues beyond just the final score.

During the games, cameras caught two Washington players fighting each other on the bench, which we'll get to in a bit, and it was not a pretty sight.

So, not only did Washington look terrible on the field, but they also fought each other, on benches they had imported into AT&T Stadium.

Yes, Washington brought their own heated benches into a stadium that is enclosed but did so to get back at Dallas for doing such just a few weeks back in their open-air stadium.

Like many fans of the Washington Football Team, Mitchell has seen enough and he isn't holding back on the team he once played for.

The former UL Ragin Cajun said that the Washington coaching staff has no life on the sideline and that bringing their own benches into a dome is embarrassing.

Will his words inspire his former team? Well, we'll have to wait and see, but the Washington Football Team's season is a wash, and things aren't looking good for them as the season winds down.

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