Washington Football Team fans have been vocal about what they think the next name of their favorite team should be.

It turns out, one option is simply Washington Football Team.

Appearing on ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter's podcast, Tanya Snyder (WFT co-CEO, wife of owner Dan Snyder) shared that one the following eight names will be the next name of the franchise.

While the social media graphics list each name in order, Snyder did not specify any kind of ranking in regards to which name is the leader in the clubhouse.

Between Red Hogs, Defenders, Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Commanders, Red Wolves, and remaining WFT (Washington Football Team), the Snyders are playing it safe.

The response from fans was mixed.

To rehash how WFT is in this position, last year Dan Snyder felt financial pressure from sponsors to finally drop the offensive "Redskins" team name, along with the Indian head logo.

After 87 years, Washington D.C.'s NFL team become known as the WFT (Washington Football Team) 2020.

The expectation was the team would eventually get a new name.

It's seldom an NFL team gets an opportunity to rebrand itself.

Why not think outside the box?

Be different. Be memorable.


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