It's that time again for the yearly New Orleans stop on the PGA tour, the Zurich Classic. Over the years, many coaches, players, and celebrities have attended the classic. This year Drew Brees was at the classic and gave his thoughts on Derek Carr, missing Sean Payton, and he reconnected with Steve Gleason.

During the media availability, Brees told WDSU that :

"This is a great move for him(Carr) and the organization. He probably didn't get the respect he deserves as the Raiders quarterback. I always felt he was an underrated quarterback and i have a lot of respect for him. I think highly of him as a person. He has shown the ability to execute complicated offenses, where a lot is put on the quarterback. I think he will mesh well with Pete Carmichael and i think he has some weapons around him. Look i think they will be well positioned to make a run at it."

For Brees to think they have a shot at making a run at it, I assume that means the championship. Hopefully, Carr and the Saints can execute on that and make all the pieces work together.

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