Brees to... Brees?

One of the greatest things about following Drew Brees on social media is that we literally get to watch his kids grow up right before our eyes. For anyone keeping count, Drew basically has a mini-basketball team at home and the oldest of his four kids had quite the day yesterday at Saints training camp.

Baylen got the full training camp experience and Drew got a pretty special Father/Son day with his eldest. Baylen got to spend the night, get up early for breakfast, participated in warm-ups and even hit a few post-practice routes before hitting the Saints QB Challenge.

We've seen what happened with the Manning family, and while we don't know what sport or position Baylen is interested in, this kid has some serious hands. Check out how he snatches this pass out of the air with his hands while stretching out to make the grab. He even "runs over" Teddy Bridgewater to score!

He was also pretty impressive during the QB challenge. Could Baylen Brees be the next Taysom Hill? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, it's special to be able to witness these moments while Brees is still in the league.

Who knows, we may see Baylen in Black & Gold one day. Crazier things have happened, right?

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