Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has some bad memories of the NCAA investigation which cost him most of his final year at Oklahoma State.

Bryant was ruled ineligible for the final ten games of his college career for lying to an NCAA investigator about having lunch with Deion Sanders.

Bryant just wants punishment to be consistent...and that includes Johnny Manziel.

The Texas A&M quarterback is under investigation by the NCAA for possibly signing autographs on memorabilia in exchange for monetary compensation.  Bryant says if Manziel isn't suspended, Bryant won't be happy.

Bryant stressed he has nothing against Manziel, and says he doesn't want to see the Heisman Trophy winner suspended. He would be more upset at the NCAA for how they dole out punishment.

Bryant also pointed to former Ohio State quarterback Terrell Pryor's five game suspension for accepting improper benefits as another example of the NCAA's inconsistency.  Pryor was allowed to play in Ohio State's bowl game that year and left the university and entered the NFL supplemental draft rather than serve the suspension.

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