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According to an interview conducted with Denver Nuggets head basketball coach Mike Malone on CBS Denver 4 (shoutout to ESPN for the report) the coach dealt with coronavirus back in March.

Malone said, "I'd say around March 20, I started not feeling well, and we began reaching out to team doctors to see if I could get a test. Unfortunately, at that time, there was no testing available. So I only found out after the fact. I was able to get an antibody test probably right around Memorial Day weekend. And not surprisingly, our team doctor called up and said, 'Listen, you tested positive.'"

That must have been a bit of a shock for Malone who apparently contracted the virus shortly after the season was put on pause with the hopeful restart at the end of July.

"I like to say that I got coronavirus, and I kicked its butt... I was able to survive, thank goodness."

Well, at least he kept his humor throughout the process of knocking out the virus as he and his Nuggets gear up for a restart to the NBA season.

He continued by saying, "I hope that going down to Orlando will be a safe environment," he said, "and we can limit the amount of people that actually get [COVID-19]."


Currently, Denver sits in the #3 spot in the Western Conference with an overall record of 43-22 on the season. They're 2.5 games behind the Los Angeles Clippers who are in the #2 seed and seven games back of the #1 seeded Los Angeles Lakers. The Nuggets also hold a 1.5 and 2.5 game edge on #4 the Utah Jazz and #5 and #6 Oklahoma City Thunder/Houston Rockets.


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