NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is being investigated by the Dallas Police Department for allegedly grabbing a man by the throat before throwing him to the ground.

The news was first reported by the Dallas Morning News.

Kevin Jefferson, an employee of Prime Prep Academy, claims he was assaulted by the NFL Hall of Famer. The reason? Sanders (who co-founded the charter school) was angry about how some of the student athletes at Prime Prep were performing in the classroom. The academic woes led Sanders into a verbal argument with Jefferson, and reportedly, it may have led to assault.

Jefferson is currently seeking legal counsel.

When considering where the alleged assault took place, this could potentially be a PR nightmare for Sanders. Prime Prep Academy has come under heavy scrutiny in the past. Last July, freshmen LSU basketball player Jordan Mickey was ruled ineligible this season due to academic issues at Prime Prep. When Mickey committed to play prep ball at Sanders' school, he and his parents were misled by the school, believing it was in good standing with NCAA membership.

In fact, Prime Prep went as far as releasing a long statement on their website last January, announcing that all prospective students would be qualified for the NCAA eligibility process.

Mickey appealed the ruling with the NCAA, won, and was eventually ruled eligible.

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