Deion Sanders made big headlines in the offseason as decided to leave his head coaching job at Jackson State to take on what many considered a big clean-up job in Colorado. The Buffaloes had only one win in 2022 and their 2023 schedule is no cupcake with teams like TCU and USC. Prime Time has certainly generated a lot of good buzz since taking over the program, this was evident in the universities largest spring game attendance.

Deion came to Colorado immediately getting down to business. He showed up to the football facility on day one and told the team that many of them were going to have to hit the transfer portal because he was bringing guys from Jackson State. That is exactly what has taken place since that first meeting as 41 players have officially entered the portal. This may be a little more than what Prime was asking for as a mass exodus has begun since the spring. On Monday alone, 18 players entered the portal, and 3 commits including LCA’s own Ju’Juan Johnson have de-committed. What is also a little concerning is that one of those 18 transfers is Tayvion Beasley who followed Prime from Jackson State to Colorado.

This made many fans all over the country scratch their head as to what was happening. The head-scratching continues as some players who have entered the transfer portal are calling out coach Prime. Former players such as Zachary Courtney had taken to Twitter to call out the head coach for not allowing them access to their film.

This has started a big conversation on why Deion is not helping these guys find a new home while others are defending Prime saying that he doesn’t owe these guys anything. I will let you be the judge of this situation, is Deion wrong for not allowing the transfer portal kids access to their film and is the 41 transfers an issue?

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