For sixteen NFL seasons, Benjamin Watson played one of the most physically demanding positions at a high level.

The former tight end spent 4 of his 16 seasons with the New Orleans Saints, shining on and off the football field.

Ben Watson
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A married father of seven, Watson has always been open about his love of family, love of his wife Kirsten, and love of their seven children.

Benjamin Watson and family in 2015
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Benjamin and Kirsten were married in 2005, are devout Christians, and speak openly about their faith.

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Ben and Kirsten Watson in 2014
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It's a good thing for ESPN college football analyst Peter Burns that Benjamin Watson is a practicing Christian, otherwise, Burns may have gotten beaten up by Benjamin following a bad joke on live television about Kirsten.

Watson, who started working college football studio analyst for the SEC Network of ESPN in 2021, did not look happy on Saturday when Burns made a crude comment about receiving a text message from Kirsten.

While Burns was joking, Watson was not amused.

At first viewing, it was difficult to decipher whether it was a bit, or real.

ESPN released a statement claiming it was a bit, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that's not the case, and Benjamin Watson was angry with Burns.

The exchange took place on Saturday. Later that day, Peter Burns shared a photo of him and Watson with the hashtag "friendship". Watson responded accordingly.

"You still owe Mrs. Watson a public apology."

Apparently, Burns didn't heed Mr. Watson's suggestion and had yet to apologize to Mrs. Watson as of Monday evening.

He finally made a public apology last night by responding on Twitter to someone who was defending him.

Watson responded by accepting the apology.

One look at the comments though, and it was easy to see what bothered Benjamin wasn't a joke at his expense, but that of his wife.

After seeing this exchange balloon into a large talking point on social media, the only thing I'm sure of is this.

Peter Burns won't make a joke about another man's wife on live television again.

At least it didn't turn into another Oscars moment.

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