The 49ers have a new quarterback in their QB room with Sam Darnold. Darnold has been lackluster throughout his career in the NFL. We have a new reason why that might be the case. Darnold is taking a page out of Haley Joel Osment's book as the quarterback is seeing ghosts.

Darnold has it hard man. Not only is seeing ghosts on the football field but he is also seeing ghosts off the field. On the "Pardon My Take" podcast Darnold went on to describe his experience with the paranormal while staying in the pool house of George Kittle. He stated that the first night in the pool house when he woke up at 3 am to use the bathroom he couldn't move for 3-4 minutes. It sounds like he was experiencing sleep paralysis. Well, the next night he said he experienced the same thing but felt like someone was holding him down and he felt another presence in the room with him.

Here in Louisiana, we call what he experienced the Cauchemar, or it's a witch riding you like a horse and holding on to you in your sleep. If Darnold was dealing with that then no wonder why it was a miserable night. That also explains why he doesn't play well against New Orleans. In his three games with Carolina against the Saints he only threw two touchdowns total, but he did throw four interceptions. Maybe the Cauchemar said you won't get sleep against the Saints.

Good thing Darnold doesn't have ghosts in his new home in the bay area. But we all need to remember this if the 49ers play the Saints in the playoffs. We now know that the Louisiana Cauchemar can affect Darnold. So hopefully the Saints get a 12th man vs the 49ers.

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